Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kasai-shi, Hyogo-ken


I finally got my placement and at first I was a little sad. It appeared that I was going to the Inaka (rural area, or country side). After a bit of stressing I did a lot of research and I realize now, that Kasai seems like a great place. Of course the place is so small that you can't even look it up on Google Maps but if you're diligent you can find it.

It's located about an hour by train from Kobe which seems like a great city. About an hour by train to Himeji. It's not that far from the beach. There are two major expressways that run through the city so you know what that means?...Road Trip. I'm still not sure whether or not I'm getting a car or not. I will have to wait to talk to my predecessor about this. There are also lots of Onsens, and Temples to visit. I definitely want to go to an Onsen. So now I'm really excited and i can't wait to leave.

I know I jump around but this is my Blog, and I don't really care if anyone else reads it. I think there are 4 Junior High Schools which most likely I will be teaching at. One of these have a boys tennis teams so maybe I'll get to make myself feel better by beating 10 and 12 years in tennis...or maybe I'll get my feelings hurt. Here are a couple of links check them out. This is where I'll be living.

You might want to use Google Translator for that second link..

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